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Andzia Wilson wrote...

Fair Isle School Chaplaincy
Classroom input
As the Chaplain for Fair Isle Primary School, Ken used to come into the classrooms regularly to talk to the children. In Personal and Social Development at the P7 stage, among the milestones to be discussed was “Death”. Almost without exception, the class teacher would ask Ken to discuss this subject with the pupils. When he agreed, it was always such a relief to the class teacher, who thus avoided answering any awkward questions. He was, therefore, known affectionately by the P7 pupils not as Mr Froude but as Mr Death!

Fame at last!
On one occasion a class had been researching Famous Scots as part of a project on Scotland. The teacher asked the class if they could think of any famous Scot from Kirkcaldy. Without much hesitation the answers came in this order……Adam Smith, Gordon Brown and Mr Froude.                                                                                   

St. Bryce Kirk Guild wrote...

Dear Ken,
As convenor of the Guild it is a privilege for me to say a few words on your retirement.
Over the years both you and Agnes Ann have given your prayers and support at our meetings and events.
We wish you well as your journey begins through a long and happy retirement and that you take away with you many happy memories.
God Bless
Helen Mitchell on behalf of St Bryce Kirk Guild.

James Thompson wrote...

I would consider the time I have spent with you as my minister very valuable and would like to thank you for all your wise words and help, I hope you enjoy your retirement Thank you

Tom and Anne Murphy wrote...

As I have said before Ken when Anne and I moved through here from the Wild West in 2012 one of our first priorities was to find a new church family. We did our try before you buy test and visited each church in Kirkcaldy in turn and one in particular stood out but unfortunately their waiting list was full. I jest, we were so impressed by our warm welcome from Sid Binning and also by your preaching which struck a chord (20 minutes without a script)” sometimes longer! ” that we enlisted on the spot and have never regretted it. Our best wishes go out to you and Agnes Anne and may you both enjoy a long and happy retirement .

Jennifer hynd wrote...

Ken just i just say a verybig thank you .you restored my faith after a lot of stuff had knocked it badly. You made my family and my mum all feel we were part of a bigger family. You will be greatly missed

Sim family wrote...

Ken, where do we start, we have so much to be very, very thankful for. Your tact, humility and care are to name but a few , of your admirable qualities. You have had such an important role in the life of our family- from bringing Andrew back to church through your guidance and questioning during the Alpha/Omega courses, to formalising our relationship in conducting our wedding and christening both Harry and Gregor of late.  Recently, your support and sanity through our personal and family troubles has been steadfast and you have made some terrible times seem a bit more manageable. You are one in a million Ken, and we are truly thankful to you and Agnes-Ann. Kirkcaldy should also be proud that another ( honorary) Aberdonian has served them well - don’t forget those early ministry years, however long ago they were.
Andrew, Lorna, Harry and Gregor

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