A warm welcome

This week's joint Town Centre service with Justin from Abbotshall and Ken from St Bryce is :-


Sunday 9th August



Covid Notice from Ken


Due to the present situation, I have decided to postpone the date of my retirement.

This is for a number of reasons.  With churches closed for worship, meetings and groups of all kinds suspended, pastoral work limited to phone or other media contact it will be a whole new challenge to win back an active worshiping congregation once the emergency is over.  That may not happen for some time.  If that is true for every church in the land, it is compounded here by the uncertainty of a vacancy resulting from  a long ministry coming to an end  but also by the plans that are underway for significant changes to churches and ministries in Kirkcaldy Town centre.  Clearly all of that has presently stopped but a delay to my retirement will ease the pressure on colleagues and that whole process. Sadly we are also facing increasing pastoral needs in terms of  loss and bereavement.

We all hope that by the autumn, things will have calmed down and that we will be moving towards a new “normality” although it is becoming apparent that we are in this for the longer term.

I am keen to do what I can to help with this process until I do finally retire at the end of October or early November, the final date yet to be confirmed.                    First issued on the 20th March '20


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