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June and Malcolm Wilson wrote...

It has been a great pleasure to know you as our Minister and friend over the years, on and off as it happened for us as life’s changes moved us out of Kirkcaldy in 1980, and back again 9 years later. You’ve helped us with life’s full cycle: baptism, marriage, and sadly funeral services and have always been such a comfort and inspiration. Coming back to Kirkcaldy we have both enjoyed involvement with the Church, particularly for June helping in the office, involvement in music for me, and taking part and helping in the Alpha courses for both of us.
We are sorry to see you go as our Minister, but hope you have a hugely enjoyable and rewarding retirement and hope we can offer some friendship and companionship in retirement activities to come!

All the best
June and Malcolm

Trudi Newton wrote...

Ken – I can’t tell you how glad I am that you were my first supervisor for my first church placement! You taught me so much – about ministry and so much more. You taught me to ask questions of myself, to reflect, to ask ‘if I was doing it again, what could I do better?’ Your insights and advice have been significant, both in training for ministry, and personally. Even when my placement ended you have been there in so many ways. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience, your continued support and your encouragement.
I wish you and Agnes-Ann many blessings on this next adventure of retirement!

Alison Wilson wrote...

Thank you Ken for all your years as my minister, I haven’t always made the best choices in life but you never judged and always showed compassion.

You baptised my three girls and two of my grandchildren. You supported me and my family when my mum and dad died and gave them both a beautiful service.

I enjoyed my time working in the office especially your good humour and teasing. Your ability to relate the stories from the bible into life now is a true gift. Both you and Agnes-Ann will be greatly missed and I pray you have a wonderful, well deserved, happy retirement.

I’m sorry I broke down a bit wishing you well on your last Sunday, sending a virtual hug now. I wanted to let you know that Abby is expecting twins in June. Our family continues to grow and it’s something to look forward to in these trying times.

God bless you and yours.
Love Allison Wilson x

John Methven wrote...

These sermons, so well crafted and beautifully delivered, will be sadly missed. At my advanced age I might be expected to “drop off” from time to time but when you were preaching my attention rarely wavered.
Enjoy a long and carefree retirement

Jill Jamieson wrote...

I have just read your message on the newsletter with great interest and a touch of sadness. I was one of the pupils at KHS who listened to your stories 40 years ago and am pleased to say had the pleasure of many more at a church service. You have the ability to make everyone feel better with your words of wisdom and bright outlook. You have done the church proud and I am sure you will be sorely missed by many. I wish you all the best for your next chapter. Enjoy x

office wrote...

Ken, I first met you over 30 years ago at a course on media training, learning the disciplines of speaking on TV and radio. I recognised you then as a natural communicator, with your easy manner, engaging voice and warm smile. That has been a hallmark of your ministry, humanity without religiosity. I recall the old St Brycedale being renovated, and marvelling at the innovative courage that created a new building open to the community, embodying the hospitality of God. Over the years I have benefited from your encouragement, usually blended with sharp questions of kindly critique that prodded my thinking. I have been aware of the times of struggle, and admire that resurrection resilience that has led you to persevere in your calling over these four decades. Ken, I join my voice with the many who thank God for you and your grace-filled ministry, staying long and staying fresh.

Peter Neilson

Brendan Murphy wrote...

I would like to wish you a long and happy retirement after serving St Bryce Kirk for an amazing 41 years. I am a member of St Joseph’s RC Church in Burntisland,  and after reading the article regarding your retirement,  I felt that I had to offer my congratulations on your ministry and all that you have done for St Bryce’s and the surrounding community over 41 years…amazing achievement.

Vicki Bell - Headteacher at Fair Isle wrote...

Throughout the changes at Fair Isle, you have been a constant for our school community. You organised a school cinema trip to see Prince of Egypt, shared in the official opening of the new school along with your praise band and at our project launch. The children sold their home grown produce in the church and the school choir sang with The Kinghorn Singers. Annually, P6 pupils visited the church to hear the history of St Bryce Kirk and it’s traditions and you supported our P7’s in ‘Moving On’ to High School.  You have given guidance to pupils and staff and supported me as a Depute and also as the Headteacher.  I always appreciated and benefitted greatly from your encouragement, guidance and advice. Even during the global pandemic, we kept in touch by phone and you stayed in contact, with pupils and families through digital technology. In true Fair Isle style, a pandemic was not going to stop our summer assembly! Everyone at Fair Isle Primary wishes you a long and happy retirement.

Derek and Elizabeth Pringle wrote...

Where did 41 years go? I remember our younger daughter saying similar words at her 40th birthday early this year. She would be one of your first christenings. Although we have lived away from Kirkcaldy for many years, there is still a bond with St Bryce and that is due to you Ken. May we wish you and Agnes-Ann all the best for a long and happy retirement.

Catherine Millar wrote...

Well Ken, that’s it and your final message as our minister was, as always, informative and thought provoking. I have learned so much from you over the years; I have found the way you make connections between the ancient world and today fascinating. As a Street pastor, I found the comparisons very useful when discussing my faith with ‘the folk on the street’. I appreciated you coming out with the team one night in Kirkcaldy.
After knowing Alec for 25 years, we made the impulsive decision to get married before you retired. We were delighted you agreed to officiate our wedding ceremony in October
In addition to your teachings, I will miss your humour, mischievous comments and your leadership skills; you have served the Church, and the community, well and now deserve a long, safe, healthy and happy retirement.
You’ll be a tough act to follow. May God continue to walk with you, and bless you, and Agnes Ann as you begin a new chapter of your life together.


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