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Douglas Hamill wrote...

There is no doubt that Ken has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his steadfast commitment to St. Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy Presbytery, The Church of Scotland and our locality generally, through his unstinting faith during all his years of devoted service.

I look forward to the Spring, the end of this infernal pestilence, and your proposed celebration, please keep me posted.


Jennifer hynd wrote...

Ken just i just say a verybig thank you .you restored my faith after a lot of stuff had knocked it badly. You made my family and my mum all feel we were part of a bigger family. You will be greatly missed

Sandra Reekie wrote...

Ken hope you enjoy yor retirement you will be missed by so many but this is your time now you have been more than a minister you are also a friend and both Gordon and i thank you for the times you have been there for us .Best wishes to you for the future

David Birkmyre wrote...

I read about your retirement in this month’s Life and Work magazine and thought, there cannot be ‘two’ Kenny Froude’s!. I attended Hillhead High School leaving in 1969 and, remembered you as one of the more ‘decent’ prefects (who always gave me a ‘second chance’ when caught smoking in the toilets!).

I moved to Aberdeen (Kingswells) 45 years ago and noted, with interest, your connection in the past up here.

I enjoy visiting Kirkcaldy and, my wife and I spend most of our annual holidays in Lundin Links where we retain a home. If I’d known you were ‘so close’ I would have come along on some Sundays.

I wish you a long, happy and well deserved retirement.

Mike Patton wrote...

Someone sent us your farewell letter and it jogged so many fond memories of our time there. I have so much I could say to you on a personal and faith level but not enough room here! Despite being in NZ for 20 years now, you still stray into my thoughts occasionally and I wish to send thanks and best wishes for your retirement. We have just had our first g’child born a few days ago and Lesley is away supporting our daughter currently, while I stay looking after my almost 98yr old father, but she would also wish to be remembered to you, as well as wishing you and your family all the best for the future. If you ever find yourself out here when Covid allows, please look us up.

office wrote...

Ken, I first met you over 30 years ago at a course on media training, learning the disciplines of speaking on TV and radio. I recognised you then as a natural communicator, with your easy manner, engaging voice and warm smile. That has been a hallmark of your ministry, humanity without religiosity. I recall the old St Brycedale being renovated, and marvelling at the innovative courage that created a new building open to the community, embodying the hospitality of God. Over the years I have benefited from your encouragement, usually blended with sharp questions of kindly critique that prodded my thinking. I have been aware of the times of struggle, and admire that resurrection resilience that has led you to persevere in your calling over these four decades. Ken, I join my voice with the many who thank God for you and your grace-filled ministry, staying long and staying fresh.

Peter Neilson

Sim family wrote...

Ken, where do we start, we have so much to be very, very thankful for. Your tact, humility and care are to name but a few , of your admirable qualities. You have had such an important role in the life of our family- from bringing Andrew back to church through your guidance and questioning during the Alpha/Omega courses, to formalising our relationship in conducting our wedding and christening both Harry and Gregor of late.  Recently, your support and sanity through our personal and family troubles has been steadfast and you have made some terrible times seem a bit more manageable. You are one in a million Ken, and we are truly thankful to you and Agnes-Ann. Kirkcaldy should also be proud that another ( honorary) Aberdonian has served them well - don’t forget those early ministry years, however long ago they were.
Andrew, Lorna, Harry and Gregor

John Methven wrote...

These sermons, so well crafted and beautifully delivered, will be sadly missed. At my advanced age I might be expected to “drop off” from time to time but when you were preaching my attention rarely wavered.
Enjoy a long and carefree retirement

Jessie Watt wrote...

Ken, there is no doubt you will be missed but I wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement and hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do. 
With best wishes
Jessie x

Bill Cumming wrote...

Nothing much more I can say to you here that I haven’t already said in other formats! Nevertheless I want to acknowledge the huge part you have played in my life, and that of my family. You and I have shared good times and bad, and I hope that during the latter we were able to support each other - I know that I was the better for it.
There are good times ahead however! I look forward to seeing you down at Kinghorn where we can share a walk round the loch and perhaps photograph the birds?
Best wishes to you both!


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