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Val Malcolm wrote...

.in 1983in the Kirkcaldy area there was a significantss number of school leavers who needed a lot of guidance and support to prepare them for employment.
The more you learnt about this, the more you were convinced that the church should be involved in working with these young people..
After much preparation, St Brycedale Youth Training Scheme opened the doors to a group of ten trainees.  They were all very apprehensive at being with “church people”  However, the majority eventually settled into this new situation as did those who came in later years.
The Scheme ran for 20 years and during that time 500+ trainees were given the opportunity to gain life skills, qualifications and employment.
For the first five years we operated from the spare bedroom in the manse we had groups in the dining room and lounge for two mornings most weeks
Agnes Ann made everyone feel welcome, but she must have been relieved when the Training Scheme moved into the new church centre.

Douglas Hamill wrote...

There is no doubt that Ken has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his steadfast commitment to St. Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy Presbytery, The Church of Scotland and our locality generally, through his unstinting faith during all his years of devoted service.

I look forward to the Spring, the end of this infernal pestilence, and your proposed celebration, please keep me posted.


Rae Walker wrote...

Ken , you have supported me personally, professionally and spiritually. You have helped me through some dark times and given me leadership opportunities that undoubtedly helped me in my role as Headteacher at Fair Isle. Your messages have challenged my beliefs and got me thinking very differently about what it means to be a Christian. There are no words that can fully express my gratitude. I pray you have a long and healthy retirement, although I don’t imagine you sitting with your feet up somehow, God Bless

Anne Hunter wrote...

Ken, as your Session Clerk you have been so supportive and encouraging. It has been a pleasure working with you.  I wish you joy and happiness as you begin this new chapter in your life. I’m sure you’ll find, as I have, that retirement is the best job in the world. God bless.

Kev Glass wrote...

Thanks Ken. Thanks for your humour and your messages. Food for thought for us all. We hope to stay in contact with you. Renata and I raised a glass to you today. It has been a pleasure. Renata, Kev, Victor and Stanley. Xxxx

Sim family wrote...

Ken, where do we start, we have so much to be very, very thankful for. Your tact, humility and care are to name but a few , of your admirable qualities. You have had such an important role in the life of our family- from bringing Andrew back to church through your guidance and questioning during the Alpha/Omega courses, to formalising our relationship in conducting our wedding and christening both Harry and Gregor of late.  Recently, your support and sanity through our personal and family troubles has been steadfast and you have made some terrible times seem a bit more manageable. You are one in a million Ken, and we are truly thankful to you and Agnes-Ann. Kirkcaldy should also be proud that another ( honorary) Aberdonian has served them well - don’t forget those early ministry years, however long ago they were.
Andrew, Lorna, Harry and Gregor

Ruth Lawson wrote...

Thank you for all the Sundays you made me think, and reflect; thank you also for the support you have given me. I wish you and Agnes-Ann happy times ahead, as you relax into retirement. Best wishes, Ruth

Raza Akhtar wrote...

A message in honour of Minister Ken.
To learn how to earn respect one should look at Minister Ken’s life. He is pure, clean and crystal. Minister Ken was and still is complete Ministry, and he truly served the community from his heart. Thank you.

Rae Walker wrote...

Mrs Heron, a family friend and lifelong member of St Brycedale, shared this story with me.
She and her husband had no children or family. When Mr Heron passed away, Ken was asked to take his funeral. Mrs Heron wanted to see her husband in the funeral parlour, one last time, and Ken offered to take her, which he did.  Afterwards, Ken asked Mrs Heron what she and her husband liked to do. She shared that they liked driving around Fife and had a few favourite spots.  Ken spent the afternoon driving Mrs Heron to some of these favourite spots where she shared her memories with him.
What Ken did, meant a great deal to Mrs Heron, she never forgot it and told me of Ken’s compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Martin Ritchie wrote...

Ken, when Jane Denniston suggested that I consider St Bryce Kirk for a placement it was a great idea, and my lucky day when you agreed to take me on! I had a really great start with you in my training for ministry of Word and Sacrament, and will always be grateful for what I learned from you and the congregation. Thank you and happy retirement! [Martin Ritchie, Minister at Greenbank Church, Edinburgh]


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