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Sandra Reekie wrote...

Ken hope you enjoy yor retirement you will be missed by so many but this is your time now you have been more than a minister you are also a friend and both Gordon and i thank you for the times you have been there for us .Best wishes to you for the future

Emer Richards wrote...

Ken thanks for always being there as I have fond memories of my time at church and also for you and Agnes-Anne always listening. May the Lord bless you both in the next stage of your adventure in life

Rae Walker wrote...

Ken , you have supported me personally, professionally and spiritually. You have helped me through some dark times and given me leadership opportunities that undoubtedly helped me in my role as Headteacher at Fair Isle. Your messages have challenged my beliefs and got me thinking very differently about what it means to be a Christian. There are no words that can fully express my gratitude. I pray you have a long and healthy retirement, although I don’t imagine you sitting with your feet up somehow, God Bless

Ian and Tricia Elston wrote...

Thank You Ken for your faithful phonecalls and visits with Ian .... You have been very kind ..x

Andzia Wilson wrote...

Fair Isle School Chaplaincy
Classroom input
As the Chaplain for Fair Isle Primary School, Ken used to come into the classrooms regularly to talk to the children. In Personal and Social Development at the P7 stage, among the milestones to be discussed was “Death”. Almost without exception, the class teacher would ask Ken to discuss this subject with the pupils. When he agreed, it was always such a relief to the class teacher, who thus avoided answering any awkward questions. He was, therefore, known affectionately by the P7 pupils not as Mr Froude but as Mr Death!

Fame at last!
On one occasion a class had been researching Famous Scots as part of a project on Scotland. The teacher asked the class if they could think of any famous Scot from Kirkcaldy. Without much hesitation the answers came in this order……Adam Smith, Gordon Brown and Mr Froude.                                                                                   

St. Bryce Kirk Guild wrote...

Dear Ken,
As convenor of the Guild it is a privilege for me to say a few words on your retirement.
Over the years both you and Agnes Ann have given your prayers and support at our meetings and events.
We wish you well as your journey begins through a long and happy retirement and that you take away with you many happy memories.
God Bless
Helen Mitchell on behalf of St Bryce Kirk Guild.

Trudi Newton wrote...

Ken – I can’t tell you how glad I am that you were my first supervisor for my first church placement! You taught me so much – about ministry and so much more. You taught me to ask questions of myself, to reflect, to ask ‘if I was doing it again, what could I do better?’ Your insights and advice have been significant, both in training for ministry, and personally. Even when my placement ended you have been there in so many ways. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience, your continued support and your encouragement.
I wish you and Agnes-Ann many blessings on this next adventure of retirement!

Justin Taylor wrote...

Your timing is rotten!  Think of all the things we could have done together if you hadn’t retired.
Ken thank you for the warm welcome we received on our arrival to Kirkcaldy. Little did I know then the friendship that would flourish, and your friendship has meant more to me than you’ll know. You have been wise council, an incredible support, and have often said the thing I was thinking but to afraid to say.
I Look forward to many more walks together and one day it will be you who is the one needing to catch up not me.

Blessings to you and Agnes-Ann in this new chapter.

June and Malcolm Wilson wrote...

It has been a great pleasure to know you as our Minister and friend over the years, on and off as it happened for us as life’s changes moved us out of Kirkcaldy in 1980, and back again 9 years later. You’ve helped us with life’s full cycle: baptism, marriage, and sadly funeral services and have always been such a comfort and inspiration. Coming back to Kirkcaldy we have both enjoyed involvement with the Church, particularly for June helping in the office, involvement in music for me, and taking part and helping in the Alpha courses for both of us.
We are sorry to see you go as our Minister, but hope you have a hugely enjoyable and rewarding retirement and hope we can offer some friendship and companionship in retirement activities to come!

All the best
June and Malcolm

office wrote...

Ken, I first met you over 30 years ago at a course on media training, learning the disciplines of speaking on TV and radio. I recognised you then as a natural communicator, with your easy manner, engaging voice and warm smile. That has been a hallmark of your ministry, humanity without religiosity. I recall the old St Brycedale being renovated, and marvelling at the innovative courage that created a new building open to the community, embodying the hospitality of God. Over the years I have benefited from your encouragement, usually blended with sharp questions of kindly critique that prodded my thinking. I have been aware of the times of struggle, and admire that resurrection resilience that has led you to persevere in your calling over these four decades. Ken, I join my voice with the many who thank God for you and your grace-filled ministry, staying long and staying fresh.

Peter Neilson


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