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Anne Hunter wrote...

Ken, as your Session Clerk you have been so supportive and encouraging. It has been a pleasure working with you.  I wish you joy and happiness as you begin this new chapter in your life. I’m sure you’ll find, as I have, that retirement is the best job in the world. God bless.

Bill Goodsir wrote...

Hope you have a wonderful retirement. Thank you for all your help and support . Bill and family.

Jessie Watt wrote...

Ken, there is no doubt you will be missed but I wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement and hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do. 
With best wishes
Jessie x

Sian, Chris, Sophia and Eilidh wrote...

Thank you so much for being our Minister over the years.  You have been there for every celebration from my Christening, to our Marriage and the Christening of Sophia and Eilidh. You have touched all of our lives and we feel very blessed.  Such a beautiful final service.  Happy retirement Ken.

All our love

Sian, Chris and the girls xx

Jill Jamieson wrote...

I have just read your message on the newsletter with great interest and a touch of sadness. I was one of the pupils at KHS who listened to your stories 40 years ago and am pleased to say had the pleasure of many more at a church service. You have the ability to make everyone feel better with your words of wisdom and bright outlook. You have done the church proud and I am sure you will be sorely missed by many. I wish you all the best for your next chapter. Enjoy x

Catherine Millar wrote...

Well Ken, that’s it and your final message as our minister was, as always, informative and thought provoking. I have learned so much from you over the years; I have found the way you make connections between the ancient world and today fascinating. As a Street pastor, I found the comparisons very useful when discussing my faith with ‘the folk on the street’. I appreciated you coming out with the team one night in Kirkcaldy.
After knowing Alec for 25 years, we made the impulsive decision to get married before you retired. We were delighted you agreed to officiate our wedding ceremony in October
In addition to your teachings, I will miss your humour, mischievous comments and your leadership skills; you have served the Church, and the community, well and now deserve a long, safe, healthy and happy retirement.
You’ll be a tough act to follow. May God continue to walk with you, and bless you, and Agnes Ann as you begin a new chapter of your life together.

Rae Walker wrote...

Mrs Heron, a family friend and lifelong member of St Brycedale, shared this story with me.
She and her husband had no children or family. When Mr Heron passed away, Ken was asked to take his funeral. Mrs Heron wanted to see her husband in the funeral parlour, one last time, and Ken offered to take her, which he did.  Afterwards, Ken asked Mrs Heron what she and her husband liked to do. She shared that they liked driving around Fife and had a few favourite spots.  Ken spent the afternoon driving Mrs Heron to some of these favourite spots where she shared her memories with him.
What Ken did, meant a great deal to Mrs Heron, she never forgot it and told me of Ken’s compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Lynne Grant wrote...


You are such a beautiful person.  Mr Fleming set the bar high when he was my first minister but you are certainly on a par with that great man - high accolade.

I was overjoyed when you agreed to join Ian and I in marriage.  Although, there have been times when I have thought “Ken, what did you do to me?”!!!!

You are the ministerial “Big Yin” - I would love to have you and Billy around our kitchen table.  Keep smiling and making others smile.

Sincere, warm wishes to you and Ann.


p.s.  Ian’s friend, Mungis, remembers you from Kirkcaldy High School - many moons ago.

Martin Ritchie wrote...

Ken, when Jane Denniston suggested that I consider St Bryce Kirk for a placement it was a great idea, and my lucky day when you agreed to take me on! I had a really great start with you in my training for ministry of Word and Sacrament, and will always be grateful for what I learned from you and the congregation. Thank you and happy retirement! [Martin Ritchie, Minister at Greenbank Church, Edinburgh]

Susannah Coventry wrote...

Ken, where did the time go?! You are the voice of my childhood and it’s been so lovely to listen to your final services. I have so many vivid memories of those days - Sunday school, link group, summer fetes, holiday clubs, even pantomimes! All the learning that came through those times and experiences were so important and listening to your final service I can see where my values were laid. Of course I can’t think of you and the Church without thinking of mum! You challenged her thinking and she yours at times! I know she would have loved to have seen where you have taken the church on it’s journey and if she could she’d be right along there with you. I want to thank you for yours and the church’s love and support through her challenging times. I am so glad you were able to deliver the funeral services for both mum and dad and for your listening ear over the years for me too. I wish you all the very best for a very long and happy retirement.


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