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Andzia Wilson wrote...

Thank you, Ken, for being my minister and friend over the last 20+ years. As well as giving inspirational messages on Sundays, you have also led the congregation by example, showing how we should all help and serve one another in our church and community. I have valued your leadership and support, especially when I was Session Clerk. You will be sorely missed in St Bryce Kirk but hopefully you and Agnes-Ann will still be in my life in the future. Enjoy your well-earned retirement.

Helma McDonald wrote...

Glad I became a member of St Bryce Kirk with you as the minister. Wishing you and Agnes-Ann a long and healthy retirement to enjoy. Well deserved.
Helma Macdonald.


Raza Akhtar wrote...

A message in honour of Minister Ken.
To learn how to earn respect one should look at Minister Ken’s life. He is pure, clean and crystal. Minister Ken was and still is complete Ministry, and he truly served the community from his heart. Thank you.

Ian and Tricia Elston wrote...

Thank You Ken for your faithful phonecalls and visits with Ian .... You have been very kind ..x

Sian, Chris, Sophia and Eilidh wrote...

Thank you so much for being our Minister over the years.  You have been there for every celebration from my Christening, to our Marriage and the Christening of Sophia and Eilidh. You have touched all of our lives and we feel very blessed.  Such a beautiful final service.  Happy retirement Ken.

All our love

Sian, Chris and the girls xx

Ruth Lawson wrote...

Thank you for all the Sundays you made me think, and reflect; thank you also for the support you have given me. I wish you and Agnes-Ann happy times ahead, as you relax into retirement. Best wishes, Ruth

John Methven wrote...

These sermons, so well crafted and beautifully delivered, will be sadly missed. At my advanced age I might be expected to “drop off” from time to time but when you were preaching my attention rarely wavered.
Enjoy a long and carefree retirement

Brendan Murphy wrote...

I would like to wish you a long and happy retirement after serving St Bryce Kirk for an amazing 41 years. I am a member of St Joseph’s RC Church in Burntisland,  and after reading the article regarding your retirement,  I felt that I had to offer my congratulations on your ministry and all that you have done for St Bryce’s and the surrounding community over 41 years…amazing achievement.

Val Malcolm wrote...

.in 1983in the Kirkcaldy area there was a significantss number of school leavers who needed a lot of guidance and support to prepare them for employment.
The more you learnt about this, the more you were convinced that the church should be involved in working with these young people..
After much preparation, St Brycedale Youth Training Scheme opened the doors to a group of ten trainees.  They were all very apprehensive at being with “church people”  However, the majority eventually settled into this new situation as did those who came in later years.
The Scheme ran for 20 years and during that time 500+ trainees were given the opportunity to gain life skills, qualifications and employment.
For the first five years we operated from the spare bedroom in the manse we had groups in the dining room and lounge for two mornings most weeks
Agnes Ann made everyone feel welcome, but she must have been relieved when the Training Scheme moved into the new church centre.

Malcolm West wrote...

My message is simple ... Thank You
Thanks - for your enthusiasm and passion that rubs off on others
Thanks - for your insightful and thought provoking Messages every Sunday. It always felt you were talking directly to me. So often it felt oh so personal
Thanks - for your friendship, guidance and kind words, for helping me be a better person.
Many thanks. Wishing you all the best for a long, happy and fulfilling retirement.



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