10 Jan 2019

New Year Resolutions

New Year Dawn 2019








Eternal and ever-blessed God, who makes all things new, we thank You, that today You have allowed us to begin this new year.

In Your presence, we make our resolutions for the days to come.

We resolve to be faithful and true to those who love us, and loyal to our friends, so that we may never bring worry to their minds or distress to their hearts.

We resolve to live in forgiveness and in kindness, that, like our Master, we may go about ever doing good.

We resolve to live with diligence and effort, that we may use to the full the gifts and the talents which You have given us.

 We resolve to live in goodness and in purity, that we ourselves may resist temptation, and that we may be a strength to others who are tempted.

We resolve to live in sympathy and gentleness, that we may bring comfort to the sorrowing and under-standing to the perplexed.

We resolve to live in self-control and serenity, that no anger and no passion may disturb our own peace and the peace of others.

We resolve to live in perfect love and in full obedience to You, that in doing Your will we may find our peace.

O God, our Father, You have given us grace to make our resolutions, grant us also strength to keep them all this year.

All this we pray in the name of our Risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus. 



Adapted from :-  "The First Day of the Year."

First published in “The Plain Man’s Book of Prayers”    William Barclay - 1959.