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Bill Cumming wrote...

Nothing much more I can say to you here that I haven’t already said in other formats! Nevertheless I want to acknowledge the huge part you have played in my life, and that of my family. You and I have shared good times and bad, and I hope that during the latter we were able to support each other - I know that I was the better for it.
There are good times ahead however! I look forward to seeing you down at Kinghorn where we can share a walk round the loch and perhaps photograph the birds?
Best wishes to you both!

James Thompson wrote...

I would consider the time I have spent with you as my minister very valuable and would like to thank you for all your wise words and help, I hope you enjoy your retirement Thank you

June and Malcolm Wilson wrote...

It has been a great pleasure to know you as our Minister and friend over the years, on and off as it happened for us as life’s changes moved us out of Kirkcaldy in 1980, and back again 9 years later. You’ve helped us with life’s full cycle: baptism, marriage, and sadly funeral services and have always been such a comfort and inspiration. Coming back to Kirkcaldy we have both enjoyed involvement with the Church, particularly for June helping in the office, involvement in music for me, and taking part and helping in the Alpha courses for both of us.
We are sorry to see you go as our Minister, but hope you have a hugely enjoyable and rewarding retirement and hope we can offer some friendship and companionship in retirement activities to come!

All the best
June and Malcolm

Mike Patton wrote...

Someone sent us your farewell letter and it jogged so many fond memories of our time there. I have so much I could say to you on a personal and faith level but not enough room here! Despite being in NZ for 20 years now, you still stray into my thoughts occasionally and I wish to send thanks and best wishes for your retirement. We have just had our first g’child born a few days ago and Lesley is away supporting our daughter currently, while I stay looking after my almost 98yr old father, but she would also wish to be remembered to you, as well as wishing you and your family all the best for the future. If you ever find yourself out here when Covid allows, please look us up.

Val Malcolm wrote...

.in 1983in the Kirkcaldy area there was a significantss number of school leavers who needed a lot of guidance and support to prepare them for employment.
The more you learnt about this, the more you were convinced that the church should be involved in working with these young people..
After much preparation, St Brycedale Youth Training Scheme opened the doors to a group of ten trainees.  They were all very apprehensive at being with “church people”  However, the majority eventually settled into this new situation as did those who came in later years.
The Scheme ran for 20 years and during that time 500+ trainees were given the opportunity to gain life skills, qualifications and employment.
For the first five years we operated from the spare bedroom in the manse we had groups in the dining room and lounge for two mornings most weeks
Agnes Ann made everyone feel welcome, but she must have been relieved when the Training Scheme moved into the new church centre.

Dick and Mary West wrote...

“Well Ken, it’s amazing how we never consider the good things in our
lives will end at some point. You have been a comfort and a reassurance
when times have been tough and a bon ami in happy get-togethers. You
have helped us to say goodbye to departed parents and welcomed our
grandchildren on visits to the Church. It’s a privilege to know you and
we will miss your teachings on Sundays. We are sure you will embrace
your retirement with the same enthusiasm you gave to your preaching.

God bless you,

Dick & Mary West”

Kev Glass wrote...

Thanks Ken. Thanks for your humour and your messages. Food for thought for us all. We hope to stay in contact with you. Renata and I raised a glass to you today. It has been a pleasure. Renata, Kev, Victor and Stanley. Xxxx

Jessie Watt wrote...

Ken, there is no doubt you will be missed but I wish you a long, healthy and happy retirement and hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do. 
With best wishes
Jessie x

Trudi Newton wrote...

Ken – I can’t tell you how glad I am that you were my first supervisor for my first church placement! You taught me so much – about ministry and so much more. You taught me to ask questions of myself, to reflect, to ask ‘if I was doing it again, what could I do better?’ Your insights and advice have been significant, both in training for ministry, and personally. Even when my placement ended you have been there in so many ways. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience, your continued support and your encouragement.
I wish you and Agnes-Ann many blessings on this next adventure of retirement!

Ian and Tricia Elston wrote...

Thank You Ken for your faithful phonecalls and visits with Ian .... You have been very kind ..x


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